In-home, On-site Computer Repair serving Grand Junction, CO and Mesa County since 2002.

I come to you. Punctual, reliable and reasonable.

  • Windows cleanup and virus removal
  • Hardware
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet
  • email
  • Setups

I can also help with your Smartphone, tablets, Smart TV, Roku, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Need training & instruction? No problem!

As we all know, computers and the Internet are changing all the time. There are so many things to learn. My objective is to help my customers keep up with these changes.



Hardware or Software! Whether your existing equipment could use a “makeover” or you are ready for new stuff, I’ll help you decide how to get the best value for your dollar!


Being a “computer novice” before I became a technician gives me a unique perspective among those in my field. I can teach you how to do; email, Facebook, internet surfing, photo scanning, creating a resume and more. I can even leave you with notes for future reference.


Wi-Fi setup available for computers, tablets, smartphones, printers and TVs! Custom Internet setup for home pages, favorites etc. Have everything you need just a click or two away.


“Network” problems can be your computer or device. But, they can also come from a bad router, a bad modem, a bad cable or even a problem with your internet provider. With 15 years of in home experience. I will figure it out for you.

Computer Setup

Buying a new computer and worried about setting it up and attaching to your printer, email, banking etc.? Afraid you will “lose” all your pictures, music and documents. I will setup all the new equipment and retrieve your “data” from your old machine…usually even if the old one isn’t working anymore.


Is everything running slow? Not connecting to the Internet or printer? Getting pop-ups or virus alerts? Won’t turn on? My job is to determine your computer problems and fix them.


Cleanup, virus removal, hardware replacement, RAM upgrades, security overhaul and diagnostics. If it fixes, I can fix it!

Wireless Setup

(TVs, printers, handhelds, etc.) I can set up your Smartphone, wireless printer, Blu-Ray player or any other Internet device so they all work together. Let me connect you to your Netflix or Amazon Prime account and take the worry out of all of it!

Virus Removal

I fix infections, hackers, pop-ups, and antivirus renewals gone wrong. I’ll clean it up then show you how to keep it safe!

Questions and Answers

Simple answers to your most common questions!

Will Microsoft call or email me if I have a virus?

NO! NO! NOOOOOOO! Microsoft will never call you on the phone. If you receive an email from them, it's only because you have an email address with them. They are either letting you know of a change to their practices, OR they are trying to sell you something! The...

What security program should I use?

There are many on the market. But, the days of using a free antivirus are over. They cannot be trusted to do the whole job. On the other hand, many Internet Security packages include extras that can choke up your system. We use Webroot SecureAnywhere. It’s a strong...

Do I need more than 1 password?

YES! And they need to be STRONG! 8 to 10 characters; use some caps, numbers, maybe an exclamation point…you can make up little phrases. But a password for each website can get cumbersome. I recommend 3 or 4. Don’t use the same password for your bank that you use for...

What the heck is a Browser?

Browser is the term for the program that gets you around the Internet. There is always a browser included with any computer you buy. Microsoft included Internet Explorer before, and now Edge in Windows 10. Google has Chrome. Apple has Safari. Sometimes there will be...

What makes Computer Lady LLC different from other local computer repair shops?

Computer Lady LLC is and always has been an in-home repair service. I come to your home or business and fix your technical problems. Those problems could include viruses, hardware, software, Internet or networking issues. Whatever the case, I fix it. If your equipment...

Do I need a Laptop?

If you need a portable computer with a keyboard then yes. But, if you just want to sit by the TV and check email, you might prefer a tablet. If you’ll miss sitting at a desk, definitely try an All-in-One. The point is you’ll want to go to a local store and “Window”...

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