“Hi, my name is Mindy Liepitz and I became an A+ Certified Computer Technician in 2002. I’ve been “saving the world” one computer at a time here in Grand Junction, Mesa County and Western Colorado ever since.”

With 20 prior years of experience in small business and customer service, I bring something a little different to the table. My job is to get your computer and other devices working in the best possible condition, but in addition, I will teach you the skills you need to stay in control of your system.

Think of me like you do your car’s mechanic. Everyone these days need to know how to put gas in his or her car. I will give you the tools to do your basic maintenance. But when you really need professional help, I will be there to take care of all your computer needs.


Happy customers.

“Mindy is passionate about her work, and her work is quality work. Given computers are mystical at times, she takes the time to demystify them and bring them back down to a level that can be understood. She has a wonderful personality and is wonderful at what she does. When I have PC issues (although I WISH she was trained in Mac!) I will gladly give her a ring! ”

9, Jun 2016

“Mindy is a detail oriented computer expert, with incredible knowledge and the ability to teach her customers how to prioritize their computer info. She has helped me, and my computers tremendously.”

12, Aug 2016