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Microsoft will never call you on the phone. If you receive an email from them, it’s only because you have an email address with them. They are either letting you know of a change to their practices, OR they are trying to sell you something!

The hackers and thieves are running rampant right now. Any phone call you receive is a scam…no matter what the “guy” on the other end of the line is telling you. If you give them permission to get into your computer (move your mouse) they have full control and can do anything from simply charging you excessive amounts of money for free software, to monitoring your activity, to completely locking you out of your own computer.

The same thing is happening through email. And, sometimes, even if you click on a news link from Facebook or another website. A screen will come up, sometimes accompanied by sirens or voices, warning you of a virus and wanting you to call the 800 number shown. The web page almost always locks you in so it’s easy to panic…especially if some noise is blaring at you. Again they will convince you to give them access (control) and the rest is all downhill.

Even the best Antivirus can’t stop these screens themselves because the warning isn’t a virus. The best thing to do is just hold down the power button on your computer until you hear it shut off (usually before a slow count of 10). Turn the computer back on and give it a few extra minutes to come up. As it’s “booting”, your antivirus software will be checking to make sure nothing is hanging on. Generally, you won’t see any sign of the previous warning screens.

Make sure you know the name of your Antivirus program and how to check to be sure it’s up to date.



Photo by Tom Holmes on Unsplash
Tom Holmes